I am Robin Pokorný, a zealous JavaScript Engineer based in Berlin.

Currently working at NewStore. Everything on front end interests me; including modular CSS, developments in HTML spec, and game-changing JavaScript frameworks. Having a degree in Maths, I enjoy both complex tasks and clean solutions. To share the fun I attend meetups and frequently speak.

Talks and presentations


Jest Can Do Whaaat?

React Open Source video slides

Async testing Koa with Jest

Node.js Berlin Meetup article slides

Jest, Snapshot testing, and Vue.js

Vue.js // Berlin

15 months of Accelerated Mobile Pages

{Frontendisti.cz} May 2017 video slides


Two years of Elm

(Dva roky Elmu) Devel 2017 video (slides included)

Snapshot testing in Jest

BerlinJS Nov 2016 HannoverJS Feb 2017 video


React – When Honeymoon Period Passes

(React – když odezní zamilovanost) {Frontendisti.cz} November 2015 video slides

CSS Code Quality with Automatic Tools

(Automatické nástroje pro kvalitní CSS) WebExpo 2015 (slides & video included)

React and Mistakes of CSS

(React a omyly jazyka CSS) Devel 2015 slides

React and CSS

(React a CSS) Prague JS February 2015 video slides


Advanced Responsive Images

(Pokročilé responzivní obrázky) DevFest Prague 2014 video slides

What a modern ‘HTML Coder’ needs to know

(Co musí umět moderní „HTML kodér“) Barcamp HK 2014 slides

About the Picture Element in Ostrava

(O elementu picture v Ostravě) {Frontendisti.cz} September 2014 video slides

How Has the Responsive Web Broken Images to Us [ignite]

(Jak nám responzivní web rozbil obrázky) Devel 2014 video slides

Code Organization in a Team

(Organizace kódu v týmu) {Frontendisti.cz} April 2014 video slides


How to Turn Your Ugly Old CSS into a Clean Future-Ready Beauty

WebExpo 2013 slides