I am Robin Pokorny, a zealous Software Developer based in Berlin.

Sr Staff Engineer at Productboard. I’m really passionate about engineering best practices. I think the biggest problem for developers is the lack of focus. I started with CSS during the Responsive revolution, moved to JavaScript just when React dropped, and now design full-stack systems for 1M cardholders. As a developer who specialises in TypeScript, I help to find solutions by applying functional programming principles. I also organise several meetups: I co-founded Frontendisti.cz and run React Berlin.

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  • 4 min read

Replace null with ES6 Symbols

When I was working on my small side-project library, I needed to represent a missing value. In the past, I’d used the nullable approach in simple settings and Option (aka Maybe) when I wanted more control. In this case neither felt correct so I came up with a different approach I’d like to present.

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  • 2 min read

Dictator paradox: Why micromanagement is so tempting

I firmly believe all creative people hate when others tell them what to do. When instead of problems to solve they are handled solutions to implement or, even worse, isolated tasks to just complete. Yet, the world is full of micromanagers. Over my career, I’ve heard countless complaints about how managers do not give their reports enough context, enough trust, enough freedom. That they decide all on their own. Why is that?

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  • 11 min read

TypeScript Enums I Want to Actually Use

Since the very first moment I learned about TypeScript, I knew there’s always goona be this one thing I’ll hate on: Enums. So un-elegant, so old-school, and so why-do-you-polute-my-runtime. Well, I was wrong. I use Enums now. At least some of them. Let me show you.

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